The Parent Resource Center is happy to announce that we have set up an affiliate program for marketers wishing to promote our educational product & teaching business, the Parent Empowerment Program!  We also offer affiliate commissions for our Parent Empowerment Training Video and for the Male Box Video.

Affiliates can earn up to a 50%* commission for each customer they bring in to purchase our Parent Empowerment Program or Videos.

You can log into our Parent Resource Center Affiliate Management dashboard to set up a new affiliate account or to manage your own existing account.  At this time we are only accepting affiliates from the USA and Canada.

Soon we will be adding pre-formatted banner ads and email text to help affiliates market our teaching program and online videos even better!

Take a look at our Affiliate Agreement to learn more about our Affiliate Program.  By joining our Affiliate Program, you agree to follow the terms in the agreement.

* Note:  The commission will be generated by dividing in half the net proceeds of the sale generated.  The net proceeds will be determined after subtracting out payment processor fees (Paypal fees, currently 2.9%) from the gross sale amount.  Therefore your NET commission would be 48.55%.