Parent Empowerment Training
5 Hour Webinar
Improve Parenting Practices Through Prevention
If you are parenting children you will find this course highly informative and engaging. This presentation will improve your knowledge, making parenting an easier and less stressful experience. It is research based and provides real-life examples.

Five expert speakers address the following topics:
  • Secure parent-child attachment and bonding for emotional well-being, resilience, and vital developmental health
  • How different attachment styles affect adult relationships later in life
  • The easiest-to-use discipline method
  • The best way to emotionally coach a child
  • How relationship problems are caused by men and women experiencing the world differently and how to resolve this
  • Incorporating balance into your lifestyle
  • Ways technology affects a child’s brain and how to utilize healthy strategies around technology
Total video webinar length: 5 hr 19 min.
The Parent Empowerment

Training Video

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Who should watch this video:
  • Anyone parenting children zero to five
  • Women and men interested in understanding the difference between the minds of Males and Females
  • People who want to have better relationships and communication with their partners and children
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