This program is designed for women who are going to be First Time Moms. The purpose of the program is to provide education and aid in the prevention of problems before they arise.  We will train professionals to assist women in exploring many of the issues surrounding motherhood.

First Time Moms helps women by:

  • Evaluating their present environment, relationships, lifestyle, financial position, coping style, commitment level, and values and beliefs.
  • Teaching women how their fears, insecurities, expectations, fantasies, values, and beliefs impact their relationships and lifestyle.  Encourages resourcefulness and evaluation of support systems.
  • Teaching key components of healthy parent/child relationships and includes an overview of the first two years of the child’s life, covering vital topics on brain development, attachment, attunement, and temperament of the child.  Increases awareness of the responsibilities concerning motherhood

By exploring these topics, women come away from this program with a greater wisdom and relief from the confusion that they might be undergoing when deciding how to raise a child.


  • Emotional Readiness
  • Fantasies, Expectations
  • Healthy Lifestyle Considerations
  • Healthy Partner Relationships
  • Family Dynamics
  • Child Development from birth to age two
  • Healthy Brain Development
  • Healthy vs. Unhealthy Parenting
  • Beliefs & Values
  • Financial Considerations
  • Support Systems
  • Parenting knowledge and skills

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