Michelle Jensen has a diverse background encompassing a variety of experience teaching, creating, and implementing programs for two Girls Clubs in Santa Barbara, CA; from 1975 to 1976 she was the Teen Director of the Santa Barbara Girls club, and from 1976 to 1978 she was the Teen Director of the Goleta Valley Girls club, where she created the first Career Development program for girls aged 13 to 17. She has worked extensively with communities to establish rapport and working relationships with service and business agencies who complement one another.

After her son was born in 1990, she began a business called “Precious Creations” and helped create and co-author a workbook on self-esteem. It is called “Evolution of the Self,” by psychologist Clarise Blanchard, Charlaine Froide, and Michelle Jensen. Through games and exercises, it is to be used by new parents and teachers to help bring fresh consciousness of the importance of the child’s spirit and how much they have to teach us. Michelle also co-authored “The Effective Guide to Parenting.” BabyJeff
Jeffrey Jensen

By 1999, she began another educational journey to study her passion, Psychology & Parenting. While attending the Saybrook Graduate Institute & Research Center, Michelle has worked extensively with parents in many areas, and has training geared toward helping parents better understand and deal with Child Development, Grief/Loss, and Single Parenting issues. Michelle has facilitated several groups, including adult and children’s groups dealing with death, loss, and divorce. Through her experience and extensive research, she has determined that prevention is the key to helping many people. Because of her research, she believes the best way to reach parents is to have a center where they can attend workshops and receive counseling as needed for all stages of the child’s development and the parent’s personal growth development.

Michelle established The Parent Resource Center in September 2004. The center is aimed at helping parents and future parents raise the probability of a successful parent/child relationship. The center offers three parenthood programs taught for over 9 years created especially for pregnant women and those considering motherhood.  See Training page for more details.

In 2005 she received a grant from Rogue Valley Medical Hospital Birth Center to teach the First Time Moms class to North Medford High School students.

During the years of 2006-2008 she taught parenting classes for the New Beginnings Parenting enhancement program created by David Bones.

In 2018 Michelle is releasing Parenting Training Videos, both for parents as well as for counselors, marriage and family therapists, and teachers.

Michelle was interviewed on the Bill Meyer Show on February 9, 2017.  Click the play button below to hear the interview.  The second audio file is an ad she recorded for her Parent Empowerment Program class.


Counseling and Parent Education:

Saybrook Graduate Institute & Research Center, San Francisco, CA.
M.A. in Counseling Humanistic Psychology, with a focus on all ages and stages of Parenting issues.

Children’s Counseling Center, Redding, CA.
Training devoted to improving the quality of the parent/child relationship.  Participated in PCIT, the Parent Child in Training program.

WinterSpring, Medford, OR.
Worked with clients with unresolved grief/loss issues resulting from all different types of deaths, facilitated groups while counseling people through their difficult grief.

Sacred Heart School, Medford, OR.
Worked with children who suffered from grief/loss, divorce, and death.

Workforce Training Center, White City, OR.
Training devoted crisis intervention.

Continuing Education Training in Personality Disorders, Eugene, OR.
Diagnosis, Understanding, and Treatment.

Workforce Skills Addiction Recovery Center, Medford, OR.
Training in Dual Diagnosis resulting from complications with addictions

Other Education:

B.A. University of California at Santa Barbara

A.A. Santa Barbara City College

G.G. Gemological Institute of America

Accounting Certificates Santa Barbara Business College

Michelle and Jeff
Michelle & Jeffrey Jensen
Michelle and Jeff 2
Michelle & Jeffrey Jensen