The Parent Resource Center is proud to announce that we offer several courses for continuing education credit:

Court Credit

Coming soon, we will begin offering our Parent Empowerment Training (5+ hours) video for Parenting Credit in certain county family law courts.  If you are in a situation where you need to prove to the court that you participated in parenting education, then our online video and exam can be a perfect solution.  We will be starting this in certain limited counties at first. If you would like us to try to get this parenting video approved in your county, please contact us at

Professional Continuing Education

Designed for professionals, such as therapists, counselors, psychologists, teachers, MFT’s, etc., these videos can provide you with over 5 hours of CE credit each.  You must first sign up with an online CE provider, who will provide you with an exam to take after you have watched these videos.  You purchase the videos here on our website, and take the exam on the provider’s website.  They will handle the reporting and bookkeeping for you.  Two providers that we currently work with are and  If you use a different provider and want to use our videos for credit, please contact that provider and ask them to contact us about adding our videos to their catalog.  We currently offer the following CE videos: