Background on Dennis Morrow:


Dennis L. Morrow Dennis Morrow, M.A.Ed., MBA has been the Executive Director of Janus Youth Programs, Inc. since 1980.

The agency has a $10 million budget, employs a staff of 250 at 21 locations in Oregon and Washington, and provides a wide array of services to high-risk adolescents. Dennis is also a management consultant working with both nonprofit and for-profit businesses, and he serves as an Adjunct Assistant Professor at Portland State University (Institute for Nonprofit Management) and an Instructor at Portland Community College (Alcohol and Drug Counselor Education). He has provided training and workshops for over 25,000 people and hundreds of businesses/organizations ranging from small nonprofits to some of the largest accounting firms in the world.

A Licensed Professional Counselor, Dennis has also developed counselor and parent training programs for over 30 years including: Basic Counseling Skills; Advanced Counseling Skills; Parents-in-Charge; Adult Odyssey (impact of race and gender on the therapeutic relationship); Relationships and Addiction; Men and Addiction; and Boys Will Be Men: Gender Specific Treatment for Boys. In 2012 he released The MaleBox: A Journey into a Deeper Understanding of Boys and Men, a DVD designed for use in training counselors/teachers/mentors working with males as well as a Gender-Specific Group Curriculum for working with teenage boys and adult males.  In 2009, Dennis was recognized by the University of Portland’s Pamplin School of Business at their 75th Anniversary as one of the “Significant 75” graduates from the Business School and by Portland State University for Outstanding Contributions to the Division of Public Administration. As a working manager himself and a parent of eight adopted children, Dennis tends to focus on concrete strategies and techniques which can be directly applied for even the most complex organizational/human dynamics. A former student described Dennis as “a combination of Dirty Harry, the Dalai Lama, and Mr. Rogers…but I never know who is going to show up next!”

Bill Meyer Show Interview:

On 1/10/2017, Dennis was interviewed on the Bill Meyer talk show (southern Oregon) about our Healthy Boys workshop as well as gender differences in the brains of boys and girls.  You can hear the interview by clicking the links below.  (Total 25 minutes, split into two files).


What participants have said about Dennis’ trainings for men and boys:

  • “This class has touched me and changed the way I view men permanently.”
  • I really think I have a long way to go.”
  • “You have given me a gift that I will treasure, nurture, and carefully grow.”
  • You have expanded my mind where I didn’t know I needed to expand.”
  • “You created conflict, inner turmoil, and questions (not a bad thing) that I will spend the rest of my life either trying to answer or just being aware that there is a reason I feel the way I do.”
  • There is no going back now!”
  • “I think every woman should take this class. I’m not sure if I’m ready to work with the male species yet, but I will read some of the books you suggested and make my decision from there.”
  • “I feel like you’ve bequeathed to each of us a lifetime counselor’s compass to guide us toward continual growth.”